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Started 6/11/16
Water Slide
Safe Diving Platform
Inflat Mntn.
More Docks
Dog Park
Bird Control
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I started looking into the idea of 'why is nothing fun appearing in Windermere' a couple of months ago.
After living here for 8 years, it has become apparent that some fun things have gone missing from this area.
Often we hear about 'how great the diving platform was'
I literally thought it had been removed a short 10 years back. I recently found out it was removed in the 70's.

The diving platform clearly left an impression on very many of the folks of Windermere in a great way.
Many offer up photos of fun times on it.

So why has it not been replaced with something else that would be fun?

A couple of years ago, we heard of a child who went to Township to ask for a playground.
The response...gather $3,000 and Township will match it, and you will have a small playground.

The same thing happened with the docks.
Just 2 local businesses pitched in a combined $100,000+ and Township matched to make them a reality.

So...conclusion...if everyone that owns land or visits, or lives year round wants something fun or useful to appear,

Wishes In Windermere seems to be a good start to it.
All dollars go directly to what you wish for.

Please make an annual contribution. Enjoy the results over the years.
It's all for you and yours, in Windermere



Which means you, your family, your friends, visitors etc.

So please try to contribute at least once a year.

Think of it as doing something rewarding for yourselves going forward.

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